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We encourage incorporating strength and movement training in addition to regular massage manipulation sessions. Strength and movement therapy will better support your physical structure and help prevent future imbalances.  


Below are athletic trainers that our we trust and have worked with over the last few years.   Please contact them directly to schedule a private consultation and training.

Ryan Babbitt

Ryan Babbitt

N.A.S.M Certified (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

CPR Certified

USAW Olympic Weightlifting

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Associates Degree in Exercise Science

Ryan is one of the top trainers on Wall Street.  He is fascinated with science, kinesiology and movement patterns in exercise and our daily life patterns.   His training style will test your ability to go through full and correct ranges of motion. 


Contact Ryan directly for a private consultation and training.  

Alex Morel

Alex Morel

N.A.S.M Certified (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Precision Nutrition

Kettlebell Athletics

Trigger-Point Therapy

Pre/Post Natal Training



For over 20 years, Alex has provided effective strategies that help his clients maximize health, fitness, longevity, and life experience.  Alex's training method integrates Balance and Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Yoga, Breathwork, Nutrition Guidance, and Mindfulness practices customized to clients specific goals and needs.  "My approach to highly effective Fitness is to keep things simple, efficient, safe, and especially fun."


Contact Alex directly for a private consultation and training.


Jennifer Yim

Jennifer Yim

American Council on Exercise certified

USA Weightlifting

KettleBell Concepts 

Precision Nutrition 


A personal trainer since 2007, Jenny works closely with every client to develop a program tailored to his/her specific needs and goals. She is adept at leveraging a wide range of modalities and training techniques to help clients gain mobility, strength and coordination. Emphasizing proper body mechanics and promoting better performance are paramount to Jenny's training philosophy, and have been highly effective in helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.    

Contact Jenny directly for a private consultation and training.

Jennifer Leuzzi

Jennifer K. Leuzzi

N.A.S.M Certified (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
PROnatal Fitness® Certified for Pre & Post Natal Training
CPR & First Aid Certified
Martial Arts
Virtual & In-Person Training

Jennifer is a coach and personal trainer based in New York City, helping people attain their fitness goals.  She works with people of all ages and experience levels, ranging from beginners to those who are fit but want to break through to a new level, as well as professional athletes. She has extensive experience working with people recovering from injuries. She helps people get stronger using a variety of techniques, from strength training and mobility to yoga and meditation, often with nominal or no equipment.

Contact her directly for a private consultation and training.
IG @mmesnack

Melissa Chung

Mellisa Chung

NCSF Certified

Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Animal Flow Coach Certified

FRC Practitioner Certified

Mellisa is a personal trainer and movement coach. She has a deep appreciation and love for how the physical body and mental health are intimately connected. She coaches her clients with mind and body awareness using yoga, Animal Flow and other modalities to create a healthy foundation to be successful in daily and physical activities.

Contact her directly for a private consultation and training.

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